Sex Crimes: Patterns and Behavior 3rd Edition

This textbook was great! I honestly enjoyed every bit of it. It's so easy to understand and follow along. The chapters aren't too long so it makes it easy to read quickly and understand certain words involving sex crimes. The definitions are easy to remember. One of my favorites.

Babies and Other Hazards of Sex

This book is ancient, and I give it to all pregnant/new parents, because it's completely hilarious. My favorite part of the book is when Barry talks about the difference between first and second children--chronicling every 10 minutes of tooth eruption in baby #1, but saying "Bobby was born and is now in the 4th grade" for baby #2.

Now That You're Out

Here’s a great book for guys and gals, gay AND straight, who want to kick their lives up to the next level by solving problems that are holding them back. As far as that mean-spirited two-star review, just because you’re gay there’s something wrong with identifying and resolving life’s problems? You're joking. Everyone has some difficulties and can benefit from learning how better to cope with and resolve them.

The Right to Be Out, Second Edition

An updated edition of this measured, practical, and timely guide to LGBT rights and issues for educators and school officials With ongoing battles over transgender rights, bullying cases in the news almost daily, and marriage equality only recently the law of the land, the information in The Right to Be Out could not be more timely or welcome. In an updated second edition that explores the altered legal terrain of LGBT rights for stu...

Female Adolescent Sexuality in the United States, 1850–1965

In this engaging study, Ann Kordas deftly traces the ways in which meanings and experiences of female adolescent sexuality took shape in relation to larger currents of social, economic, and cultural change from the middle of the nineteenth century to the early 1960s. Kordas establishes that there was no shortage of parental anxiety, expert advice, and cultural fascination regarding girls’ sexual behavior during this 100-year period. ...

Moral Panics, Sex Panics (Intersections)

"Abortion, AIDS, non marital sex, homosexuality, pornography, contraception, sexual rights, and the rest have posed persistent threats and challenges across the world for some time. & Sex stands as a major political and moral symbol that marks boundaries and shapes change in cultures.Here an outstanding group of social scientists give a firm focus to the culture wars and moral panics that split cultures and speak to persistent an...

New Views on Pornography: Sexuality, Politics, and the Law

"This anthology is an outstanding contribution to the contemporary debate on pornography. With a strong interdisciplinary and unbiased approach, it provides both scholars and the general public with fundamental tools for understanding the controversial relationships between the field of sexual representations, politics, society, sexual identities, and the different porn audiences." (Giovanna Maina, Marie Curie Research Fellow at the ...

Human Learning and Memory

"David Lieberman, of the University of Stirling, attempts to integrate different facets of the subject, including learning and memory, and behavior and cognition. The text focuses on human research in both memory and learning and aims to encourage students to think critically. Key theories and issues are detailed, and the focus on underlying cognitive processes aims to offer insight into learning and memory as inter-related actions r...